Which Class To Play ? | Path Of Exile Classes Guide PS4 | POE


Path Of Exile Beginners Guide | PS4 Classes Explained

In this path of exile guide we explain the classes, the Ascendancy Classes, the attributes for each class and show gameplay for all the path of exile classes for the ps4.

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  1. I have been playing this game i play witch and i have a weird build its a necromancer mixed with ice witch also love the vid for new people you make it sound simple

  2. Going for witch for my first character – i like the idea of ascending and being able to summon my own personal army!

  3. I recommend using a ranger as a first character as she can become really powerfull and it becomes hard to lose

  4. amazing showcase of lvl 1 characters. I can do it on my own, I wanted to see how they play later on in the game. Dislike

  5. I don’t understand this game.Why do I have to play the way other players did, why do I have to copy the builds ?I mean what is the fun in that ?

  6. Just downloaded for the Ps4, went with Duelist. No idea what I'm getting myself into. I have over 10,000 hours on Diablo 3 and have heard for years that PoE kicks its ass. Not gonna lie, the passive tree had me shook, wow.
    Thanks for the video brother!

  7. Never ever played this game or anything similar to it and I found it randomly on twitch. Looks fun but no clue where to start. I don’t even know if I’ll be good at it etc lol

  8. Thanks for the vid man I think I'm going shadow I was gonna go witch but that's mainstream plus assasin sounds fun

  9. No offense but you talk like you have never played the game before and are just reading a script someone else wrote.

  10. thank u soo much iv been struggling to find the best vid for best class all the others are trash this one is PERFECT thx for this vid im going with witch.Yet again thx

  11. im a level 84 marauder but i wanted to watch the video anyway😂 great job explaining classes and stuff though, for a free game it’s honestly amazing

  12. What class and build should I use if i want to be the doing room sweeps with big aoe skills and move fast so basically just cheese through rooms

  13. When it finish download im gonna choose the witch and turn her into a necromancer! Just like years ago when i was playing on pc

  14. just downloaded the game and thought of i was gonna go with Templar. that would've been a mistake for my playstyle lol. going with witch. good video, very helpful in making my decision 🙂

  15. Mines a weird one, ranger elemental dam, high crit chance, and minions. I'm new at these type of games so my character will prolly be ass.


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