Testing The Creepy Talking Angela App Theory *DO NOT DOWNLOAD*


Today I downloaded the Talking Angela & Talking Tom app which seem like harmless apps for children but there’s rumors their may be someone dark lurking behind these cat’s eyes. DO NOT Download…

Testing MyDol:
Testing Zepeto:
Testing Gacha Life Glitch:
My Haunted Apps Video:


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  1. Ok I just told my dad about talking Angela and he said DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT and I was like ok then I told that you was trying stupid stuff on this app and he went well if she dies it's her fault xd😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Okay i use to play this game when i was like 6 year old and i was playing it then out of nowhere
    (this was before they removed the texting feature btw)
    She just asked me
    "What is your Facebook name" and i was confused cause like im a 6 year old so i just replied with
    "I can't tell you that" and she responds with
    "Why can you not tell me that? Aren't we friends"
    And i was like…wtf

  3. Angela:Where do you live
    Me:lets lie to her Ok
    Me:I live in sun
    Angela:Where is your house
    Me:I have a house but I'm going to lie haha
    Me:Ok I live in no where lol
    Angela:What is your name
    Me:Im not gonna tell anything true lol
    Me:I have a gift for you Angela
    Angela:What is it
    Me:Its corona virus lol

  4. When I was younger actually had this in my parents wouldn't let me have any other apps bc this was "safe" but I always thought I was being watched and I couldn't sleep at night one time and I woke up and I saw a black figure and it looked like…… Angela I didn't know what to do because I couldn't move not even my mouth I could only breath I tried to turn around where did I tried to sleep but I saw the figure in my eyelids this is why you do not get the app I was scared and in the morning I had a random scratch on my face I still have it and at that time I didn't have any cats or dogs but it looked like a cat scratch and I feel like the figure is going to come back one day 🤪

  5. If you're reading this comment tap on the walls when you're feeding Angela and they will make noises like someone is outside trying to get you

  6. Ordering this game it’s not cute please don’t like it it will give you car accidents and it’s going to creep you out

  7. I had a lot of outfit games but when my cousin told me she told me to delete them now and she looked up why and she said she saw a house in the eye when she zoomed in after she Googled it and I'm only 8 years old what does it's the watch you after you delete it

  8. My childhood friend she has the talking tom and I look closely at his eyes and I saw da dude and I told her and she said oh stop trying to scare me

  9. ,,I've heard some stories about the unfortunate children who apparently didn't have good luck"
    Well… Guess Naegi isn't in danger :3

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  11. My bro tried all sorts of these sites believing that they are not scams, but the only legit one is Gamecrook. I hope I saved your time as well.

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