Stone Age Gameplay Runthrough


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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Stone Age and its expansion Style is the Goal. For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

(static cam)

Part II: Style is the Goal Gameplay

(static cam)

Part III: Final Thoughts


Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through “Rahdo’s Goofs”

If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps 🙂

Thank You

7:42 This is not how to play the game… when it’s a player turn he does ALL the his actions in the order he wants, then the next player does the same

18:26 No… it costs 1 Resource!

21:08 This specific Hut is an expansion Hut, so it should only be in the other video :p

22:12 Jen needs to feed 6 People, but since she has a Level 1 Agriculture she only needs to pay 5 (or she has to receive 1 Food and then pay 6)


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  1. Rahdo, I know you did this video a while ago but I was hoping you could help me out. We just bought this game after watching your video and LOVED it. But we noticed one of the dice has two sides with a 5 and one side that is blank. Is this normal? If so, when is this dice used?

  2. Hey hello!
    I bought the game and I got a doubt that I am not getting the answer.
    If at the end of the round I don't have enough food to feed my tribe and don't want to spend resources, and I have 0 victory points what happens? stay at 0 VP or walk -10 back, getting 90VP?

  3. I was about to give up during the learning curve until I watched this great tutorial. My brain always hurts while I’m learning a game, it’s like I’m stupid! But once I learn a game, I rule 😬. Thanks Rhado. 👍👍

  4. Tribe Population: As it grows with new individuals, surely every 4th or 5th round each player must lose 1 tribe member passing away because they are surely not immortal? You cannot have newborns unless they are replacing oldies that pass off the scene!

  5. Nice of you to be so gender-inclusive with the cave men/women. Incidentally slipped in a "this little fellow" (6:35), so I am still #triggered.

  6. the big mistake of james: first turn give up strong cards that can get with even 1 cray worth possible 8 point + 12 resources point if exchange to gold which is 20 points just to get 4 people into cray. second turn get the tool that does not matter since it is either tool or agriculture instead of get a wonder that may worth 8 points and 7 food to reduce the number of people need to hunt with just one fucking wood or cray, then go to love shack in early game before gather enough agriculture instead of gather wood. i think james will lose, and i think wonder in early game is not important, there are fucking 2 pairs of wonder…….

  7. I thought you'd have to choose the resources from the development card you get right away. Apparently not 🙂

  8. I have played this twice, once with 4 players and once with 5 players. Both times we ran out of jewelry. We had to substitute poker chips. Not very thematic. I don't know why the manufacturer would not include more. Has anyone found a good substitute too add to the jewelry shortage?

  9. i am just learning rules about this game,looks very interesting,i hope its hard enough
    BUT you,owner of this channel,you deserve a medal for this video,sound is excellent,INSTEAD OF VERY BAD LIKE IN MANY OTHER CHANNELS,picture is also fantastic and the most important you are not talking too fast,and you also,you are talking very reasonably(if i used correct word)
    i am not retarded for asking normal speed of talking on how to play,its just,eng is not my mature language
    its very hard to catch many other people when talking like flash
    AMAZING VIDEO! real pro at explanation
    thanx very much

  10. +rahdo Again, a pleasure to watch you simulate a game session, not only because of the funny parts 😉 I wanted to thank you for posting it, and also to add (for people who still wonder if the game is worth it) that there are even more strategic (but easy to use) elements to this game, like blocking a hut/card so that other players can not get it, or combining collecting shaman cards with "love shacking" lots of cave persons, and so on. Great game!

  11. regarding your comment at 7:42 about players doing all actions then the next player. although this is the default rule, there is nothing stopping people from using this as a variant. although it slows down play slightly, it creates more strategy.

    Example, some one has their meeple on a casino tile, and you on a hut that requires XYZ or 4 (X), if they can take their casino card before your hut, you can get lucky with an extra piece of X. 

    As long as you play it the same way from the start, it doesn't matter. We often have the start player take their guy off first and then go in a clockwise until people cannot take their dudes off any more.

  12. I was going to watch the whole gameplay, but since I saw that the rules were messed up, I won't do it anymore. I would have loved to but it will be confusing.

  13. I love you, Rahdo. You make the best runthroughs. My husband and I always check with you first to see if a game we're looking into is any good. You're so enthusiastic!
    This game actually reminds me a little of "Village". Have you played that? It's really fun.

  14. Whatever you do… Don't smell the cup!     Phew! That stinks up the neighbourhood.

    Whenever we play this game at a friend we know as soon as we walk into the door. We just never use the cup. I heard newer copies don't have this problem anymore.

  15. FYI, your not limited to building 5 huts for the entire game, even though there are only 5 spots on the player board.

  16. 21:10 that specific hut is not in the base game it may be a promo or it comes with the expansion. So just a clarification so watchers know they need a promo/expansion to get those types of huts.

  17. 12:45 I was under the impression that you had to activate the card immediately. But I've only played the BGA and Yucata versions. Haven't bought the game yet. Maybe the official rules are different?

  18. 7:42 each player removes ALL of thier meeples off (in which ever order that player decides), one type at a time. Then the next player repeats.

  19. 23.50: Jen could also feed her people by giving a resource of her choice, that they will trade in for food at the rate of 1:1 (though this is an unconvenient way to meet the feeding demands)

  20. i was waiting for this runthrough for over a 6 months since i started watching this channel!! thank you Rahdo!

  21. You're always great in your runthroughs. Anyway I have to point out that the activation of meeples doesn't go in turns: I activate all of them (in any order I want), then next player activates all of them (in any order she wants) etc.
    One of my favourite games ever

  22. So glad you did this run through. I've been hearing about this game since I got into board gaming, never took the time to look into It though.


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