Path of Exile Basics 101 Choosing A Class – Introductory Guide For New Players


The first video in my Path of Exile Basics series is meant to introduce new players to the different classes in POE! I plan on adding many new Path of Exile videos to the channel, especially this basics series to help beginners get full enjoyment from this amazing arpg!
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Intro by Alex J.
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  1. Decided to give this game another try and this video helped a lot! Looking forward to learning more through your channel <3

  2. What class is the area damage one? I like doing a crap ton of area damage and moving really fast. I come from Diablo 3. I like demon hunter and wizard for reference.

  3. Let's get this out of the way. I think path of exile is the best action RPG there is and has been for quite some time.

    with that said, I do have some complaints about the classes.

    1. I wouldn't call it meaningless; because especially for the ascendancies, there are some meaningful differences between the classes. But what I will say is that the rolls of the classes are often blurred.

    For example. I can make a melee witch and have her do well.
    I can have Marauder, someone who should have little to no magic potential and have him be a spell caster, and have him have 15000+ energy shield. I can have a shadow swinging a two handed sword or axe.

    The second complain I have is that even among the rolls that they play, sometimes they don't play it well. For example. Let's look at the Shadow. When you think of a shadow what do you think of.. Ninja. That's the archtype. Take Divinity Original Sin 2 for example; you can make a ninja like rogue; have him be adept in poison coated weapons, have him use smoke bombs, have him actually be great in back stabbing or else stay invisible. basically have him be the guy who is adept at all things clandestine and dishonorable combat. In path of exile, if you take the path of hiding in shadows, sneaking and back stabbing a few people, leave the "masses of people to the front line witches or tank/melee people while you stealthily take out the main taget, say the boss, that will get you like nothing. Action rpgs like this simply arent built to actually simulate these things. Instead, they are built to have you set up a build that can rapidly move to take out as much as trash mob and as quickly as possible and then have that skill be versitile enough to take the boss; or relay on a secondary skill. So you'll see shadown cyclone players, or shadow blade vortex, or shadow using wands, or shadows with quick clear magic skills that really doesn't fit the build of ….Shadow….

    My third issue with the class is; they blur; so for example, I can take a shadow assassin, or a templar inquisitor. They should be two completely different classes. One should be fairly strong relying on the light; protective skills, maybe with a shield; the other should be crit dominant, weak, low life; can't take a hit; but should be hard to hit… and literally make nearly the same build as the shadow will go through witch tree and take templar nodes, and the templar will go though witch tree and take shadow nodes. Templar inquisitor is crit base, shadow assessin is crit base; and they are simply minor differences of the exact same build. I actually wish a greater percentage of the tree for each respective class is taken by that class, with rare excusion into other class, than what is is now which is you get a minimal amount of nodes from your class and then you go venture out getting nodes elsewhere and this pattern is what is deemed most efficient to build the best build. It is therefore much more meaningful in diablo to say pick a witch doctor, or crusader, or wizard and have that be unique to that class, than it is for path of exile's classes.

  4. I wish I watched this video before whelping in, I'm conflicted about watching these type of videos before embarking on a new game as I usually like to figure things out for myself, this video might have changed that train of thought for me! Great video.

  5. Nice guide! I just jumped back in after leaving out of frustration in 2014. Hard to wrap my mind around all of the things necessary to get a good build.

  6. Thanks for this build. A bit scared to play this game because it might be too complex but decided to dive in now to this after the disappointing launch of Wolcen.

  7. A great and simple guide really,, I’m following you since long time,, and it’s nice that u gonna do POE guides,, waiting for the next guide.. and finally wishing you all the best.. 👍🏻

  8. I am very interested in these series. I have always heard that PoE is amazing. I have tried this game three different times over the years and I just can't get pass lvl20ish. I feel like I am missing something with it.


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