Mega Man X Walkthrough Longplay 100% HD


It’s not a TAS / Speedrun just a Walkthrough / Longplay

00:02:24 – Opening Stage
00:07:18 – Chill Penguin Stage
00:08:35 – Boots Upgrade
00:10:39 – Boss Chill Penguin
00:12:05 – Storm Eagle Stage
00:12:35 – Heart Container 1
00:13:20 – Sub-Tank 1
00:14:25 – Helmet Upgrade
00:15:50 – Boss Storm Eagle
00:17:35 – Flame Mammoth Stage
00:18:22 – Buster Upgrade
00:19:28 – Sub-Tank 2
00:19:39 – Heart Container 2
00:20:30 – Boss Flame Mammoth
00:22:00 – Boomer Kuwanger Stage
00:24:48 – Heart Container 3
00:25:40 – Boss Boomer Kuwanger
00:27:00 – Spark Mandrill Stage
00:27:28 – Sub-Tank 3
00:29:17 – Heart Container 4
00:30:00 – Boss Spark Mandrill
00:31:13 – Armored Armadillo Stage
00:31:54 – Sub-Tank 4
00:32:58 – Heart Container 5
00:33:32 – Boss Armored Armadillo
00:38:55 – Launch Octopus Stage
00:42:27 – Heart Container 6
00:45:23 – Boss Launch Octopus
00:47:00 – Sting Chameleon Stage
00:47:48 – Heart Container 7
00:49:42 – Armor Upgrade
00:51:33 – Boss Sting Chameleon
00:56:05 – Heart Container 8
01:00:00 – Hadouken
01:00:40 – Sigma Fortress 1
01:02:46 – Vile (Vava)
01:07:50 – Boss
01:10:00 – Sigma Fortress 2
01:15:34 – Boss
01:17:10 – Sigma Fortress 3
01:24:16 – Boss
01:25:55 – Sigma Fortress 4
01:26:16 – Boss Sigma Pet
01:26:45 – Boss Sigma 1st
01:28:05 – Boss Sigma 2nd (Final)
01:30:17 – Ending
01:36:34 – Sigma Final Message




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  1. Selamut-A' a. It needs droid whop. See hairy line dentition. Sun that Shill bin Hand. Mandibular offensieve "knows some shit from poop" keying a board blass. For 4 day

  2. We need some volume here Selsmut Grease Typee Type-A. Gotta rattle screen. Isnt exact git 1/8th phone plug. Shit and 'er Dimensions.

  3. Wait, how are you wall dash jumping while also holding down buster? Do you have the worlds biggest thumbs?

  4. People talk about how easy this game is. And I struggle so much with it. I'm not very good at it. And I look up walkthroughs and people just blast through the levels and bosses, meanwhile it usually takes me a few tries. Now I don't revel in the suffering of others, but seeing you get hit a few times and still 100% the game fills me with so much hope. Thanks for making this!

  5. I don't understand the hype for this game. I just finished the Super Star Wars games, and they destroy this game in terms of quality

  6. Maaaaaan this take me wayyyy tf back 🤦🏾‍♂️😂. Like 8 years old and the first time I beat Sigma the SNES adapter fell out smh..

  7. What button do you press to get the second Capsule to get the helmet on the storm eagle stage? I can land correctly on the PS4 plz help.

  8. I don't understand. I can't beat any of the bosses. They just deal a ton of damage while you deal negative damage. They kill u in 5 hits, while they take 500 hits

  9. i had to stop the video…at the storm owl fight…why upload this if you are not very good?…its frustrating to should not be sustaining any damage if you know how to play this game..

  10. I finally finished it but came here cause after the credits it stucked on the screen with Sigma's dialogue, just realized theres nothing after that lol

  11. Why did Capcom integrate a coprocessor in this game? Can someone tell me something that uses it? Looks like boring old sprites to me.

  12. Geez, I've finally made through the whole game! Obtaining the weapons' upgrade was hard as hell! Unless you start the level, you will completely miss the capsule if you don't break all the ceiling pieces at once. Plus, Launch Octopus is pretty annoying!

  13. 5:43 my first time playing I remember thinking how rigged it was that Vile had to place me back across the screen and walk back into position to get shot 😂

  14. Im surprised by the fact that Mega Man X 1&2 retained their original SNES scores, but altered Mega Man X 3 score. Overall, should have left all 3 in their orginality


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