Mastering Lightroom Classic CC: 1 – Quick Start


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This is Episode 1 of, Mastering Lightroom Classic CC. In this video, I introduce myself, talk about the series in general, then import, process and export an image.

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  1. Thank you for this very useful tutorial as I am taking up and learning Lightroom.
    However it would be nice if you could show the keyboard keys used, as i have difficulty locating e.g. the key used to adjsut white and Black. Once again, thank You.

  2. I recently acquired Lightroom and Photoshop. Is this your most recent series? I've watched about a dozen so far, and have learned a lot from you – Thanks so much.

  3. Anthony I'm looking for a replacement program for Adobe Ps and Lr. I'm fed up with them. I don't want to sign in so they can "tailor my experience." They are my photos and I will do what I want with them. I don't mean to put you on the spot, but I've got to find something before I get rid of Ps.

  4. I have been watching a number of Anthony's videos, on specific topics, ever since I started working with Lightroom 2-3 years ago. I always found them the clearest and most helpful. But, I recently realized that there were some things that I missed, misunderstood or forgot. So I decided to start all over again and go through them all. I can already see that this series has some updates/changes that I believe will help me a lot. Thank you! Tom Turkenkopf

  5. Great introduction. I have been interested in lightroom for a while, but have been a little daunted at all the features. Your teaching style has calmed my nerves and I look forward to moving through your series. Many thanks!

  6. New to Lightroom. I just finished episode 5 of Mastering Lightroom Classic, and I am learning so much. I bought your Lightroom shortcuts as a very small thank you for all your great free content here.

  7. Hi,Sir:
    You are a great educator,you make it so clear and very interesting to this topic.So far the best tutorial regarding Light room topic.Really appreciate your effort .

  8. Awesome videos however …. can you add a link to down load the same image as your working on – You may ask why ? we can see in real time the changes we make on the screen as the video progresses – look forward to your thoughts !!!

  9. I would like to know: If I edit my photos on lightroom in my cellphone instead my pc, does it compromise the final quality of the photos?


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