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A yell out to all the robot commander and the fighter out there who are constantly anxious to battle for their nation, this is an ideal opportunity to hold hands and do a save city mission.

Flying Captain Superhero robot Crime City Battle is the city protect did all in all by the superhuman contenders, super robot, legend contenders, flying robots and flying robot fighter warrior. The flying commander robot has given exceptional guidelines for the crisis city safeguard operations and the battle occurring against the demise squad. New York City chief legend will be the sole accountable for the fantastic karate battling and Kung fu battling. He has been an amazing combative techniques superhuman, Kung Fu Grand legend being an adolescent hero with super powers and Kung Fu, hand to hand fighting aptitudes. This will be the best hero battling diversions you have ever played. Go ahead super officer, join the separated arm men in their main goal.

Flying Captain Superhero robot Crime City Battle is a one of a kind variety of robot activity amusements, with a superhuman group having inconceivable power and heavenly power alongside some super quality to coordinate the fear monger assault done by the super lowlife. Your point is to run a city safeguard mission, directed by the future robot legend and steel saint against the dangerous dim saint. Super city flying robot will take after the super chief robot in the superhuman versus Gangster City Battle and the Gangster wrongdoing fight. Press flying robot and flying chief robot, the Superhero New York will battle for Survival city. You as a Flying Super Captain-a stunning skipper need to continue battling to get by in the Real robot battling situation.

Flying Captain Superhero robot Crime City Battle is a super fight between the super mechs and the hoodlum squad. A flying man should be spruced up in innovative suit to go about as skipper robot in the US robot fight. Of all the robot amusements, this one will be the best one so far with savage auto pursue, sparing the casualties of antagonistic takeover, unending police pursue, sudden police attack on individuals taking an auto. The Special Forces have send wrongdoing warrior spruced up as costumed saint having superhuman quality to complete city save operations in this epic fight. The starting point of saint is obscure however we know he alongside the flying commander robot will make hero names well known in the historical backdrop of super city, city protect missions.

Amusement Features

• Action pressed amusement

• 3D conditions and settings

• Realistic saints and miscreants

• Endless rundown of contraptions accessible to battle

• Smooth controls


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