Keith Knight is a solo 12 & 6 string fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, vocalist, and mandolinist, and is considered by many to be one of the finest finger picking guitarists in America. He has been performing across the United States since 1993. Keith’s high-energy guitar wizardry takes modern and traditional folk music to incredible heights.

His music is deeply rooted in Appalachian, ragtime & delta blues, and Americana music; and with his modern guitar techniques and spirited vocals, Keith breathes new life into these traditional music genres. His influences span from Blind Blake and Leadbelly to Leo Kottke and Ry Cooder. He has shared the stage with such great artists as Melanie, The Smothers Brothers, Scott Ainslie, and many other national acts.

Bill Monroe and Leo Kottke–these two individuals Keith Knight blames for hooking him into acoustic music. In 1993, Keith ditched rock music and has been specializing in traditional and modern American folk music (Appalachian, country and ragtime blues, and bluegrass mandolin) ever since. Drawing on greats like Blind Blake, Charley Patton, and the mighty Leadbelly, Keith has carved his own stylistic niche for 12 & 6 string wood and metal bodied guitar.


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